San Jose

Can You Find The Crazy Pig In This Photo?

I was walking around San José, taking in the rhythm of urban life when a crazy pig caught my eye. This image is of Avenida 5, just west of Parque Morazán, and is a fairly nondescript portrait of life outside of the pedestrian malls. Except for that crazy pig. Do you see it?

chancho_loco_detalleThe Chancho Loco, or Crazy Hog, is a butcher shop. This particular hog, with its gauges, nose ring, toothy grin, and slightly aggressive eyes, doesn’t quite inspire me to step in and buy some pork chops. In fact, I’m not sure I’d like to eat the meat of a crazy hog, nor do I completely trust the selection of other meats that it might offer. Nevertheless, I love the variety of shop names and unique signs that adorn them throughout the country. What names and places have caught your eye?

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