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City Sunsets Are Nice, Too

I think we can all agree that sunsets at the beach are spectacular. The awe-inspiring visual appeal of watching our closest star drop below the horizon often causes us humans to stop and simply absorb the grandeur of nature for a few moments. And when combined with a soundtrack of rolling waves, screeching macaws, and rustling palm trees, you have all the ingredients for pure bliss.

Sunsets in the city can be different. Nature’s sounds are drowned out by honking horns and loud reggaeton music. In Costa Rica, the sun sets at nearly the same time every day, and that happens to fall on the evening rush hour. Drivers shield their eyes as they weave among potholes, parked cars, and street vendors. It can be stressful.

It can also be sublime. I snapped this shot while walking in El Encanto, a neighborhood on the northern edge of San José. The north side of the road burns with the last gasp of that day’s sun, while the south side seems resigned to the encroaching darkness. It was enough to inspire me to stop and watch the transition from day to night. Sure, it might not be the beach, but for a moment it was pure urban bliss.


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