Cliff Jumping and Rappelling in the Jungle: Gravity Falls Live Up To Its Extreme Label

Quietly strolling down a paved trail is all fine and dandy, but if you want to dive head-first into Costa Rica’s untamed countryside, you’ll have to move off the beaten path. Desafio Adventure Company, based in La Fortuna, runs what it bills as “Costa Rica’s most extreme tour.” Does it live up to its name?

Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping – Costa Rica’s Most Extreme Tour?

What it is: You ride out of La Fortuna deep into Costa Rica’s interior, on the western slopes of Poás Volcano. The ride itself is a nice journey past farms and pastures, down dirt roads, into small villages far from tourist locations, and into the jungle itself. Then the real fun begins.

After a hike through the dense rainforest, you’ll arrive at a cliff that houses a 140-foot waterfall. The first activity is rappelling down this gentle cascade, water splashing on your head as you bounce down the sheer cliff before dropping into a deep pool of crystal-clear spring water. It’s an exhilarating beginning to a day of adventures.

canyoning adventure tour in costa rica
This tour takes you through a remote canyon where you’ll jump off a series of waterfalls.

From there the river becomes a series of waterfalls nestled into a hidden canyon. You’ll disconnect from the rappelling ropes and instead jump off the waterfalls, which are 10-30 feet high, into the pools below. Each cascade is different, and each jump offers its own technical challenges. Fortunately, Desafio’s guides are true experts in the field, and their deep knowledge of the landscape and activities, coupled with Desafio’s two unbreakable rules: 1. Be safe. 2. Have serious fun!

Although I did feel a bit of trepidation while standing atop these waterfalls, the guides’ instructions, our safety equipment, and the sheer exuberance of the other folks on the tour made my decision to jump an easy one.

It doesn’t get any more tropical than this.

Once you’ve completed the waterfall-jumping circuit, you’ll head back up the hill to a picnic area for some fresh fruit and beverages. Lunch is served at a roadside traditional Costa Rican restaurant on the way back to your hotel.

The verdict: I loved this tour. It brought me to some swimming holes that I would never have found on my own – and I’ve been adventuring in Costa Rica for eighteen years. The isolation, rugged landscapes, great guides, and heart-pumping leaps made for an “extreme” experience unlike anything I’ve experienced elsewhere.

Participants should be in decent physical condition to do this tour. I don’t mean you have to be training for the Olympics, but there is a bit of hiking, boulder climbing, and jumping. If you’re not comfortable walking at a brisk up and down hills, you might want to think twice. This is considered an extreme adventure tour. The recommended age range is from 18-55.

When to go: This tour runs rain or shine, year round. Private tours area available, too.

What to bring: You will get completely soaked. Swimming gear, sturdy footwear you can get wet, a towel, and a change of clothes.

Price: This tour costs $125. I would happily pay it again.

Extras: You can combine this tour with mountain biking and whitewater rafting for a full day of adventures.

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