Lava Lakes Appear in Poás and Turrialba Volcanoes

Things Area Heating Up at Poás Volcano

The usual suspects in the Central Valley are still acting up. Lava lakes have been detected in Turrialba and Poás volcanoes, according to field reports from the National Seismological Network (RSN). The National Emergency Commission (CNE) had experts on the ground yesterday at Poás Volcano, where they observed accumulations of ash within the national park, volcanic fragments thrown from the crater, and a steady stream of steam and gas billowing from two of its active points. Reports state that there is a reddish incandescent glow emanating from the crater at night.

Here’s a video of Poás that the CNE filmed yesterday:



Volcán Poás. 6 de julio, 2017

Posted by Comisión Nacional de Emergencias on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Turrialba Fired Up, Too

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Central Valley, Turrialba Volcano has also stepped up its geothermal game.

A drone flew over the crater and discovered a small lake of lava about 50 meters in diameter. The lake is located in a new opening in the volcano’s main crater. Geologists have reported minor eruptions, and local residents have reported a reddish glow at night. Turrialba Volcano is located in Cartago, about 60 kilometers from San José.

Costa Rican authorities are keeping a close eye on Poás and Turrialba. Two other volcanoes, Irazú and Rincón de la Vieja, are currently active but do not yet present magma at the surface.

National Parks Closed, Travel Not Restricted

Both Turrialba and Poás national parks are closed to the public due to the risk that the volcanoes pose to visitors. That doesn’t mean you can’t explore the towns and attractions near the volcanoes; in fact, this would be a good time to visit because crowds are thinner. Just don’t try to sneak into the parks for an up-close view of lava: that kind of foolishness would put rescuers and fools alike at a lot of risk.

There aren’t currently any massive ash clouds or other factors that would inhibit travel in the areas around the volcanoes.

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