Lazy Traffic Jam On A Country Bridge

Most people will agree that the traffic in San José is bad, but once you get out of the metro area things tend to calm down. And even when there’s a bit of traffic, the surroundings are interesting enough that a slight delay can even be refreshing.

Take this scene, for example. This one-lane bridge spans the Río Peñas Blancas between La Tigra and La Fortuna. Because of the bridge’s narrow design, only one direction of vehicles can cross at a time. So when there’s traffic coming your way, you wait.

Here we have an old Land Rover pulling a trailer full of ornamental plants; a German baker is selling Dutch cookies to a hungry passerby; and a motorcyclist waits with an additional helmet, perhaps because he is on his way to pick someone up.

bridge entrance

The other side of the bridge offers some interesting visuals as well. One sign advertises cheap lots, while another offers rentals of cement mixers and scaffolding.

bridge over gorge costa rica

Driving over the bridge offers an interesting, if not harrowing, perspective. The road surface is a metal gate, so you can see the riverbed beneath you. The tropical forest rises on all sides. You’re on your way.

Yes, driving in Costa Rica requires more patience and attention than cruising down the freeway in Nebraska does. But you’re not here to race between destinations; you’re here to experience a new land in all its glory and with all its blemishes. There is no better way to experience both simultaneously than by driving through the countryside.

Do you have a favorite country drive? Let us know in the comments.

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