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Parque Central, San Jose

One of my favorite places to sit and watch the crowds pass by. For a bird’s eye view, grab a beer and boca at La Terraza (where this photo was taken), located at the southwest corner. The entire plaza is abuzz with pedestrians, lottery vendors, taxi drivers, kids eating ice cream, and flocks of pigeons. It’s San Jose at it’s best.

Just look around. On the east side of the park you’ll find a line of taxis and some shoe shine stands; to the north is Melico Salazar Theater; on the west and south there’s a pedestrians-only street that gives the park. It’s the crossroads for downtown San Jose and a wonderful place to watch life in the big city unfold.

It’s not hard to get here – this is the true heart of Costa Rica’s capital city.

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  1. Sunday April 17th, 2016 at 04:56 AM — Reply

    Or is the Central Park in Heredia better?

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