Poás Blows Steam and Turrialba Sends Ash to San José

Poás Volcano, located on the western edge of the Central Valley, erupted in a plume of steam last night, with emanations continuing throughout the morning. According to Eliécer Duarte, a volcanologist at the National Volcanological and Seismological Observatory (OVSICORI) the volcano’s activity “has been quite accelerated in terms of the intensity of tremors … which is expressed in an enormous column of water vapor.”

Ash From Turrialba Volcano

On the other side of the Central Valley, on Friday night Turrialba Volcano sent a column of ash 500 meters skyward.  With winds moving southwest, there have been reports of light ash dustings in Guadalupe, Moravia, and Tibás, as well as an odor of sulpher in Cascajal de Coronado.

Is A Stronger Eruption Imminent?

Experts continue to monitor both volcanos’ behavior. The current accumulation of energy, according to volcanologists, could produce a larger eruption, according to an unnamed source in this video from the Costa Rican television channel Repretel:

If you don’t speak Spanish, I’ll translate what the gentleman in the video says:

When there are periods of relative calm, it makes us step our monitoring of the volcano to evaluate the evolution and development of the activity, and to inform the people should there be an important change.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on both volcanoes and let you know how their activity might affect travel plans.

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