The Road to Monteverde Will Finally Be Paved

Getting to Monteverde is about to become a whole lot easier.

By the middle of 2018, the Costa Rican government hopes to have transformed eighteen kilometers of dirt road into an asphalt ribbon complete with new signage, drainage ditches, retention walls, and demarcation, according to a contract signed two weeks ago by the National Roadways Council (CONAVI – Consejo Nacional de Vialidad). CONAVI hired Grupo Orosi, a local road-building contractor, to carry out the ₡6.3 billion ($11.2 million) project.

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No more will drivers have to slowly bob and weave among the potholes. This currently bone-jarring stretch will become a smooth blanket of blacktop, making travel to one of Costa Rica’s most unique regions much more comfortable – and faster.

Danny Ramírez, President of the Monteverde Chamber of Tourism, is quoted in the San José daily La Nación that “there are a lot of agencies that hide [Monteverde] as a destination due to the deterioration that the road causes to their vehicles. This leaves us at a competitive disadvantage because this also increases the costs of transportation.”

This also means that travelers who rent a smaller vehicle, like a sedan, will be able to comfortably reach this cloud forest destination. As of now, a car can make it, but it’s a punishing trip, especially in the rainy season.

We will stay on top of this project and offer updates as they become available.



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