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fire ants in costa rica

If you spend enough time in Costa Rica’s rainforests, you’re bound to come across a mass of fire ants. They get their name from the burning bits they inflict on any being that disrupts their space, but their bites (actually, they’re stings) won’t cause any long-term harm. But man, those

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Arenal volcano and lake
Costa Rica Vacation Itineraries

Nine days and eight nights in Costa Rica’s natural splendor You travel to Costa Rica for its tropical nature. Sun, sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and sweaty fruit drinks all come to mind. Costa Rica’s nature, however, is much more than the beach lifestyle. It’s an incredibly diverse collection of

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Río Celeste waterfall surrounded by rainforest
Costa Rica Day Trips

Seven reasons why Rio Celeste is one of Costa Rica’s most unique natural attractions 1. The waterfall. The intense blue color makes it one of the most unique in the world. Although the waterfall is one of the first sights along the walk, we recommend saving it for last. 2. The

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GeneralMedio ambientenotas en español

¿CÓMO AYUDAMOS A SALVAR EL BOSQUE LLUVIOSO EN RAINFOREST ADVENTURES? El bosque lluvioso es la comunidad más rica que existe en el planeta. Nosotros en Rain Forest Adventures nos esforzamos para protegerla y conservarla.  Debido a los logros que tienen nuestras iniciativas y los resultados positivos que hemos obtenido, el

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If you’d like to have Manuel Antonio’s famous beach (the one inside the park) all to yourself, go early. The park opens at 7am, but most tourists go with a guide. These groups slowly make their way along the 1.8 km that lead to the beach, looking for birds, sloths,

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The popular Caribbean destination of Tortuguero (whose names comes from tortuga, or turtle), is in the middle of a successful nesting season fo the green turtle. This large sea creature is in danger of extinction. However, the number of nesting sites is up this year, giving researchers hope that the

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