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Travelers from around the world are starting to discover the wonders of Rio Celeste. The river’s stunning shade of blue, hiking trails, waterfalls, and wildlife have proven a great draw. But this doesn’t have to be a day trip. Rio Celeste Hideaway brings glamor and luxury to Volcán Tenorio National

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Río Celeste waterfall surrounded by rainforest
Costa Rica Day Trips

Seven reasons why Rio Celeste is one of Costa Rica’s most unique natural attractions 1. The waterfall. The intense blue color makes it one of the most unique in the world. Although the waterfall is one of the first sights along the walk, we recommend saving it for last. 2. The

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Costa Rica Day TripsRío Celeste

By Aída Araya I had heard a lot about Río Celeste and had high expectations. Even with my mind set to experience something incredible, the panoramic natural beauty that surrounds Río Celeste left me astounded. The human mind cannot conceive of such a level of magnificence and purity until it

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