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The National Emergency Commission (in Spanish, CNE) has shared the infographic above so that people can take precautions if they are in an area with falling ash. Currently there are two active volcanoes in the Central Valley, where most of Costa Rica’s population resides: Turrialba and Poás. Below is a

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FlyingTravel Tips

Some travelers are going to have more time on their hands. The United States and the United Kingdom have implemented bans on using electronic devices from a number of Muslim-majority countries. What will people do with their time in the skies? Fortunately, Royal Jordanian Airlines has created this helpful infographic

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Travel shouldn’t be stressful. Unfortunately, we often make it that way. With to-the-minute itineraries, overly ambitious travel goals, and tons of unnecessary gear, we create obstacles to actually experiencing our surroundings. Instead, try to be like this dog. What does he do to be such a relaxed traveler? 1. He’s

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Costa Rica Day TripsRío Celeste

By Aída Araya I had heard a lot about Río Celeste and had high expectations. Even with my mind set to experience something incredible, the panoramic natural beauty that surrounds Río Celeste left me astounded. The human mind cannot conceive of such a level of magnificence and purity until it

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