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FlyingTravel Tips

Some travelers are going to have more time on their hands. The United States and the United Kingdom have implemented bans on using electronic devices from a number of Muslim-majority countries. What will people do with their time in the skies? Fortunately, Royal Jordanian Airlines has created this helpful infographic

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Travel shouldn’t be stressful. Unfortunately, we often make it that way. With to-the-minute itineraries, overly ambitious travel goals, and tons of unnecessary gear, we create obstacles to actually experiencing our surroundings. Instead, try to be like this dog. What does he do to be such a relaxed traveler? 1. He’s

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Santa Elena Reserve, Monteverde, Costa Rica. Photo: Andrés Madrigal

Monteverde is so rich in nature and culture that it can reinvent itself quickly. From tours that range from basic backpacking to sophisticated stays, to restaurants and lodging, we always find something new and surprising. Here are our recommendations. Daily Dose of Adventure Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve This reserve

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City Living

One of my favorite places to sit and watch the crowds pass by. For a bird’s eye view, grab a beer and boca at La Terraza (where this photo was taken), located at the southwest corner. The entire plaza is abuzz with pedestrians, lottery vendors, taxi drivers, kids eating ice

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Here´s a recent article on Costa Rica´s southern Caribbean coast. It captures the unique vibe of the area, expat, hotel accommodations, restaurants, etc. Make we want to head out there again! – Andres

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GeneralMedio ambiente

Costa Rica has been selected as one of the top 10 eco travel destinations according to All countries are European with the exception of CR, New Zeland and Colombia.

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City LivingGeneral

Avenida 3, known as El Paseo de los Damas, has been reopened on the east side of downtown. It had been closed for two months for remodeling. The Municipalidad de San Jose did a nice job with the new concrete street and landscaped pedestrian areas. Also, the bridge between Turrubares

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The popular Caribbean destination of Tortuguero (whose names comes from tortuga, or turtle), is in the middle of a successful nesting season fo the green turtle. This large sea creature is in danger of extinction. However, the number of nesting sites is up this year, giving researchers hope that the

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