Four Reasons Why This Dog Knows How To Travel

Travel shouldn’t be stressful. Unfortunately, we often make it that way. With to-the-minute itineraries, overly ambitious travel goals, and tons of unnecessary gear, we create obstacles to actually experiencing our surroundings. Instead, try to be like this dog. What does he do to be such a relaxed traveler?

1. He’s taking it all in.

This fella has decided to head to the stoop in front of his building. He’s gazing down the street without a care in the world, watching the cars clatter over the bumpy street, listening to the music spilling out of a hardware store, and smelling the grilling meats from a corner restaurant. His senses are engaged, and he’s living in the moment.

It also looks like he doesn’t have anywhere specific to go. Without firm, must-execute plans, you can simply watch the world go by for as long as you wish. This frees up the opportunity to stroll a market, comb the beach, or drive into the countryside without worrying about missing the bus. Travel without a plan often leads to the greatest adventures.

2. He’s unplugged.

In order for our best friend to take everything in, he cannot be distracted. By temporarily abandoning our electronic devices we open up the possibility to interact with the world that actually surrounds us. When we constantly check our news feeds, the wondrous fact that we’re in a foreign land becomes secondary to the latest sports score, movie review, or political scandal.

Without any digital toys, his gaze moves from down in his hands or lap and out into the world. When we’re in a new environment there are so many things that beg our attention. Any traveler’s first trip down a Costa Rican highway is full of memories of roadside fruit stands, winding roads, expansive vistas, and colorful gardens. But you only see that if you look.

3. He’s ready for anything.

You’ll notice that our canny canine is unencumbered by things. He has no suitcase to lug around, no bag full of wet wipes, and no electronic toys. If he feels moved to wander into the park, he can do so instantly. If someone calls him from the patio he can trot right over. And if a pack of dogs runs past en route to a tasty meal across town, he can join in the fun.

4. He’s not trying to see everything at once.

With so many varied attractions packed into such a small country, you might feel tempted to try to cram in Guanacaste, Monteverde, Arenal, Corcovado, and the Orosi Valley into one trip. Unless you have several months on your hands, don’t. Instead, by like our furry friend. He’s not interested in hitting up all seven provinces in two weeks. He’d rather spend some more time getting to truly experience the rhythm of life in one spot – get to know some locals, explore multiple restaurants, and find some hidden places to catch some z’s.

Don’t be an itinerary-clutching phone junky trying to do it all. Be like this dog. Happy travels.

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  1. Friday April 7th, 2017 at 04:47 PM — Reply

    I have a photo of this dog. Granada baby! Lovely Colonial city.

  2. Friday April 7th, 2017 at 07:36 PM — Reply

    Meredith, I am impressed. This indeed is Granada, Nicaragua!

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