The Caribbean Coast

Traveling to the Caribbean Coast

It doesn’t matter if you take them as individual trips, or combine them into one longer jaunt, spending time on Costa Rica’s Caribbean is a great way to get away from it all. After you see what it has to offer, you might want to stay even longer.

Four Perfect Days: The Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is an intoxicating blend of lush tropical vegetation, sultry calypso  rhythms, deliciously unique cuisine and a blend of Latino, Afro-Caribbean, indigenous, North American and European communities. It’s unlike anything else Costa Rica has to offer.

Here are four perfect days for a quick introduction to the southern Caribbean. 

Two Days in Tortuguero (Northern Caribbean)

Day 1: There are no roads in Tortuguero. Instead, you’ll make your entrance on one of the boats that ply the region’s canals. On your first day you’ll want to check out the town and canals; if you’re up for it, kayaking is a great way to get up close and personal with the vibrant flora and fauna here.

Nighttime might bring the majestic sight of a giant sea turtle climbing onto the sand to lay her eggs. Four species of sea turtle, the Hawksbill, Leatherback, Green and Loggerhead, dig into Tortuguero’s sandy beaches to lay their eggs. March through July are best for spotting Leatherbacks; the Green turtle is most abundant from July through September; Loggerheads are less common and may be seen during Costa Rica’s summer months (December to May).

Day 2: Head into Tortuguero National Park in the morning to catch the concert of birdsong, punctuated with reverberating cries from the howler monkey. The rainforest is most alive at daybreak, and your efforts to rise early will not go unrewarded.


Two Days in Puerto Viejo (Southern Caribbean)

Day 1: It’s pure beach bliss on the South Caribbean. Spend the day lazily strolling the streets of this diverse community. You’ll find one-of-a-kind handicrafts, a wide range of excellent restaurants (so good that I won’t even recommend one to you; you’ll have to sample some and find out for yourself) and plenty of adventure activities to keep your adrenaline pumping. If you don’t want to try the surf at Salsa Brava or visit the nearby Bri Bri indigenous reserve, just head down the beach, find a spot all to yourself and watch the waves roll in.

At night, roam around town and check out the varied nightlife. You’ll want to ask around to find the party on a given day, as it rotates through many places in town. Koki’s is a great higher-end place to groove at night. Even something as simple as a moonlight stroll is an unforgettable experience in Puerto Viejo.

Day 2: Spend the morning at Cahuita National Park. About 15 kilometers away, this protected area offers a short hike through primary rainforest and access to a spectacular beach. Snorkeling is good here if you have gear, but you’ll have to hire a guide and a boat, which you can arrange either in Puerto Viejo or in Cahuita village. You’ll end up near the village of Cahuita, so try to get lunch at Miss Edith’s for some flavorful Caribbean cooking, natural teas and home-style treatment.

There are many different tours and activities that leave from Puerto Viejo. Some of the most popular include whitewater rafting, surf lessons, and nature hikes. Check with a local provider when you’re there, or book with us today.

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