Travel Tips

Follow these links for practical information on traveling to and around Costa Rica.

General Information on Costa Rica

Basic information about Costa Rica’s location, climate, government, banking, and more.

What to Pack

Yes, Costa Rica is a small country in the tropics, but the weather can vary greatly – sometimes just by traveling a couple of miles.

Traveling by Bus in Costa Rica

Local buses, tourist buses, and international buses all move people throughout the region. Which option is best for you?

Traveling by Vehicle in Costa Rica

Advice on renting a car and how to get around. Don’t forget: the rules are different down here.

Domestic Flights in Costa Rica

If you’re looking to save time, flying is the way to go.

Types of Lodging in Costa Rica

Whether you’re looking for a bunk in a lively hostel, or a luxury eco-resort, Costa Rica has you covered.