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Want to live in paradise? Read this.

Almost a decade ago, Erin Van Rheenen left her life in San Francisco and moved to Costa Rica. Exploring every back road of her new home, she spent over a year traveling and researching the first edition of Living Abroad in Costa Rica.

Many publications and individuals have praised the book’s in-depth information on real estate, immigration, employment, health care, schools, and expat life, written in an entertaining and easily accessible style. But of all the kudos the book has received, Erin has been most charmed by a reader review on that proclaimed the book “not bad for a liberal.”

Now on the (dusty and potholed) road to research the third edition of the guide, Erin is blogging about her trip at The third edition of Living Abroad in Costa Rica will be available in Fall 2010, but check Erin’s web site for updates on what’s happening in Costa Rica right now.

Van Rheenen also writes a travel column at, and is the creator of the web site

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