Will This Marina Jump-Start Tourism in Limón?

Plans for a new tourism-oriented marina in the Caribbean city of Limón are generating interest among local leaders. The plan would include a hotel, restaurants, helicopter landing pad, amphitheater, docks, shops, a “nautical club,” and more. The idea is to serve the nearly 300,000 tourists to arrive at Limón annually.

An initial phase of the project would cost around $20 million. An additional $100 million would be needed to finish the project as proposed.

Tourism Marina in Limón? Slow Down, It’s Just an Idea

Although the project has garnered attention from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), The Atlantic Port Authority (Japdeva), and Inter-institutional Commission of Marinas and Tourism Piers (CIMAT), no funding has been announced. In fact, the plans are a graduation project. Freddy Alvarez Abarca created this project for his degree in architecture from the Universidad Hispanoamericana.

Currently, most tourists skip Limón center, instead focusing on Tortuguero, Cahuita, and Puerto Viejo. Still, up to 3,000 tourists a day disembark in the Caribbean city when cruise ships dock there. Facilities to receive the tourists are minimal, and the rest of central Limón has little to hold travelers’ interests for long.

For longtime residents in Costa Rica, we’ve heard a lot of grand plans over the years that were supposed to resuscitate Limón’s lagging economy. Here’s another one. Whether it will come to pass, well, we’ll keep our eyes open, but we won’t hold our breath.

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